Our Framework

TAG-Cloud has adopted a unique three-phased approach to provide its Cloud Consulting Services:

1. Analyze
This is the most critical element of any cloud implementation. It is imperative to understand the business's requirements for technology in order to undertake this phase effectively. It is an enabler of business which needs to be reflected in the implementation of a cloud platform.
TAG-Cloud consultants work in close partnership with your business and IT executives to:
• Understand what your business needs in IT services
• Determine how well current IT is fulfilling these needs and identify gaps
• Identify what savings and benefits can be realized by your business or organization
• Advise on what technology best suits the needs your business or organization

2. Design
Once an initial analysis has been done and we have collected the prerequisite information, our consultant will design the cloud platform for your environment.
Our consultants will work closely with the various business stakeholders in order to ensure that a comprehensive solution is being developed.
This close partnership with the client allows us to develop customized solutions which fully meet business requirements.
This will allows us to:
• Build a detailed architecture design
• Advise on service levels
• Identify staff and training requirements
• Develop an implementation requirements roadmap

3. Supervise
Once the technical architecture is developed and approved, we can work with you through the vendor selection process including:
• Developing RFP’s and initiating the tendering process
• Engaging in proposal analysis
• Assisting in vendor selection
• Supervising the actual implementation to ensure it matches up to the expected requirements.

Our comprehensive, end-to-end Cloud Consulting Services allow us to provide you with a complete, one-stop-shop for cloud consulting, providing you with peace of mind through a vendor-neutral, independent consulting advice.


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